Still tune of the moon

Dornach at night is so still, harmonious and beautiful. Each time I walk home from choir I linger by the door a bit taking in the last glimpses of the moonlit sky.   After my first certification pod call last night I feel really excited about the journey ahead and hope to embrace the serene magic of our village night sky along the way.


A shiny coin in deep sea blue

The moon tonight shines still and true

The church bells chime, down go the shutters

Voices in the background mutter

The lamplight glows, the night is falling

Soon there will be caterwauling

My weekly soul time privilege

To walk alone in our village

The pond life stirs, I’m nearly home

But really I’d still like to roam

Soon firey sun will burn the peace

And crystal nights like these will cease

I feel aware, my heart is high

The stars like diamonds light the sky

So far away from all the chatter

It’s the being here that matters

My eyes and ears drink in the night

My shoulders chilly, head feels light

I’m filled with pure appreciation

Night time walking meditation



29 thoughts on “Still tune of the moon

  1. Very atmospheric. I like the image of a shiny coin in a deep blue see. The sun has it’s charm, but the moon is much more mystifying. Nice piece.

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