Green and Serene

Summer’s warmth is beginning to creep through and last week on my lunchtime walk I could really feel the imminent change in the air. Writing whilst I am walking definitely adds to the meditative experience and by the time I had finished writing and had arrived back at work I was high on pollen!

Late Spring Fling

Crickets chirping in long grass

The buttercups are lilting

Spring’s fine hour soon will pass

The Bärlauch leaves are wilting

Pollen breaths a dusty cloud

The air is warm and dizzy

Clover pink and thistle proud

The bumble bees sound busy

White, like feathered microphones

The dandelions invite me

Who am I now to resist?

Their white seeds float past lightly

Wildlife waltzes, fields of green

Your floral face flirtatious

Late Spring meadow’s beauty gleans

Your honeyed scent’s, vivacious


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