Vibrant Valley

I have always enjoyed a sunny weekend down in Ticino with my good friend Kate. Ticino for me is a quieter, better behaved version of Italy. It is great to be able to travel down to this beautiful area of Switzerland so easily, particularly now that the work completed in the Gotthard Tunnel has managed to cut twenty five minutes off of the train journey. Having spent many a weekend ambling around the streets of Lugano and Locarno, this weekend Kate suggested a hike in the Verzasca Valley and this stunning area took my breath away.

Verzasca Valley Magic

Verzasca Valley alive and affirming
In awe of your breathtaking views
Powerful waterfalls, life keeps on turning
Chameleon water, green blue
Shimmery lizards and movie set bridges
The first heat of sun on my face
Calm charming villages, white coated ridges
My soul has been changed by this place
An albino snail and a balisto bar
My jarred knee still longs to walk on
The beauty of nature a bright guiding star
My mind will return once we’ve gone
Kayaking locals, the rapids are racing
And butterflies gently dance by
Picturesque church says that light’s for the chasing
My heart makes a sweet knowing sigh
This part of Ticino, a bit like Alaska
Yet with a unique charm as well
Magical sorceress, vibrant Verzasca
I’ve fallen deep under your spell


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