Paws for a moment

During a recent language stay in Sicily, I spent one entire afternoon walking up and down the coast, admiring the wildlife, sitting on lava rocks and listening to the waves. This relaxing day ended with me resting on the shore by the fishing boats and writing a poem about the most chilled out cat that I have ever come across.

Mellow Claws

As fishing boats flapped in the breeze

And seagulls scanned the sky with ease

Out of the corner of my eye

I caught your preening, whiskers high

Paws in the air and eyes of glee

You bathed in sunlight ecstasy

Your fluffy belly out on show

One chilled out cat from head to toe

I blinked my eyes and you did too

Confirming this is what cats do

My curiosity too strong

As you stretched out so cute and long

I wanted to give you a stroke

Disturbed you and you quickly woke

Taking refuge in the gaps

Where fishing boat tarpaulins flap

Just take your time, and chill those paws

Oh Mellow Claws without a cause


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