Cupboard Love

I’m such a sucker when an endearingly inclined angular face looks up at me beseechingly as if to say “I’m sooooooo hungry”. Then add her cute hungry kittens who look like they desperately need feeding into the mix and you have me completely taken in! Ginger Snap, as we decided to call her, was at the top of her game. Having schnaffled some ham and cheese from the breakfast buffet under a couple of serviettes we felt we had done our bit for cat rescue in Limassol. Ginger Snap and her babies munched their way through our clandestine offerings purring and rubbing their tails around our legs in gratitude. A day later we spy the little minx playing exactly the same trick with the new arrivals. Not just a pretty face, hey?


Ginger Snap 

Young ginger snap’s a gorgeous girl

A white and orange playful twirl

She’s gentle, dainty, trim and sweet

And loves to purr around your feet

Perhaps in hope of charming you

To snaffle her a fish or two

Such tasty treats, there are but few

Young Ginger Snap arrives on cue

As if she’s not been fed for weeks

She rubs her scent from pointed cheeks

And seems to have the cunning knack

Procuring some delicious snacks

From helpless, smitten hotel guests

Imagining she’s in distress

But Ginger Snap she knows her game

For one so wild, she’s very tame

A caring sharing cutie pie

With two sweet kittens, rather shy


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