Appearances can really be deceptive, especially in the world of kitties. In Cyprus there were some extremely well-kempt looking fellows who showed no  signs of living a weather beaten existence by the sea. The majority of one of our recent holidays was spent with me trying to capture each royal looking furry member in words. Winston was one of the most noble cats we have ever come across despite his humble seaside roots!


He’s black and white, a coat of fluff
Young Winston surely knows his stuff
And to the less observant eye
His sleek appearance could belie
Those windy days spent by the sea
He looks somewhat like royalty
His charming whiskers, thin and white
Those amber, almond eyes so bright
His silky, milky, minstrel coat
Could make the unsuspecting dote
Convinced this haughty, handsome cat
Could be a true aristocrat
On smoothing his abundant tail
Some even guess that he might hail
From Cypriot nobility
A cat of feline pedigree
His angular, endearing face
Makes Winston just so hard to trace
And yet (just between you and me)
He’s a wild moggy from the sea
Who’s learned his trade and reels them in
I’ve such a soft spot for old Win!




9 thoughts on “Aristocats

  1. He does indeed have a trait of nobility about him. Your poem is excellent and makes me smile.

    Winston reminds me a bit of a black-and-white cat I had as a kid. Charlie was quite the lord of his domain too 🙂

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