A Kitten at Heart

So cats have definitely had their say during this week on my poetry blog! To conclude my feline fest, this is a little ditty that I wrote about an all-weathers girl who was definitely at one with life by the sea. There are many more kitty scribblings in my collection, so I will try to do another cat tribute week sometme soon. Have a purrrrrrrreect weekend! 


Sea Rose

Unlike her fellow seaside chums
She comes out when the weather’s glum
Watching as the strong winds lash
Unflinching whiskers as they crash
Against the rocky promenade
The elements pelt down so hard
But fur unruffled come what may
The pier is where she spends her day
Watching fishermen at work
She hangs around for fishy perks
And yet no sign of sandy paws
For one who loves the great outdoors
A bright white coat with toffee tones
Young Sea Rose purrs and rarely moans
She’s like a kitten, never bores
Of chasing bottles on the shore
Washed up by the passing tide
The beach is like a fairground ride
With deckchairs just like bumper cars
Old parasols like swinging bars
She’s happiest when by the sea
Dear Sea Rose you’re a bit like me!


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