Red, Red Wine

primitivo grape

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiday! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Last Friday I was waiting for my partner Andy, aka Android, in Basel and decided to imbibe in a cheeky afternoon glass of Primitivo. It had been a really tiring week and with every sip of the Primitivo my muscles relaxed more and I drifted smoothly into weekend mode. By the end of the poem which I was writing simultaneously, I was really in the zone! Red wine is always a winner.  What is your favourite tipple to kick off the weekend?

Ode to a weekend Primitivo

You’re sweet and full and deep dark red
You help my heart switch off my head
Instead a rush of relaxation
You’re my Friday delectation
Cheeks are pink with happy glow
I feel the blood flow to my toes
Your shiny legs like nectar tempt
It’s time my time was badly spent
Your body beckons, passion, senses
Gives me distance from defences
Warm and wild, a forest fire
Feel more in touch with desire
Tension left outside the door
What harm would be in one glass more?



24 thoughts on “Red, Red Wine

    1. French wine is good. We live in Switzerland near the Alsace and this is where we mainly buy our white wine. Love Italian reds. Heading home for a glass now 🙂


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