Marmalade Parade



Jogging just before the sun rises on a summer morning is such a joyful experience. Last summer I was often out at the crack of dawn, listening to Lindsey Stirling’s myriad of stirring tracks on my ipod jogging away and thinking up new poems as I jogged. Each time I did this, two little eyes would appear in the bushes near the playing field and out of nowhere there was a scraggly, loveable ginger cat standing stubbornly in my path demanding to be stroked. I affectionally dubbed him Marmalade and he became a regular feature of my life. I also made this poem into a video and the link to this is featured below the poem. I haven’t seen Marmalade so far this year yet but I am keeping my eyes peeled. Orange peeled even. Ok – enough already!

As of Saturday we are excited to have three new feline arrivals in our household. Nera, Ebony and Ziggy (the tabby of his two black sisters.) They are mainly in hiding in the lounge this morning but photos to follow when they are fully settled.  The cat themed poem seemed fitting and I have decided to make this week’s post all about the cats that I have come across on my travels.


Morning Marmalade

My eyes are barely open

The starry sky is black

And as I slowly start to move

Two eyes are staring back


Two sparkly little buttons

One fluffy orange tail

And every morning as I run

You greet me without fail


You greet me with a smile

A miaow or a purr

Wrap your tail around me

Of tangled orange fur


Your fur is a museum

Of nightime artefacts

Scraggly bits of straw and leaves

Betray your nightime tracks


Your tracks of feral wanderings

In dawn light start to fade

I always need my daily dose

Of Morning Marmalade



The video


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