The Water of Life

I love swimming. Whether this be in one of the beautiful lakes here in Switzerland, at the beach in sensational Sardinia, in the warm waters of the spa or even during the first freezing plunge of the season into the local outdoor pool here in Dornach. Water revives me and cleanses me and whilst I’m swimming I often wash away a lot of the murkiness of life and feel a greater sense of clarity. I have a huge to do list currently but I think it is time I had a swim and called on my friend Clarity!


When swimming with the flow of life 

Away from all the chatter

The bigger picture walks on in

I hear her gentle patter

She has no fear of what might be

Herself she does not doubt 

Her friends they call her Clarity

She knows what she’s about 

Her mind is in the here and now

It has no time for stressing

Disparity, says Clarity

Derives from second guessing

Some say she is a childlike soul

Yet wise beyond her years

Believing in her every goal

Abandoning all fears

Sweet Clarity, knows charity 

Begins at her own door

Has faith in love and verity

Truth oozes from her pores

Her eyes like pools of purity

Her presence calm and still 

So pleased that I know Clarity

She radiates free will


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