Am feeling more than a tad excitable as the begining of my coaching certification course draws nearer. Although still a little nerve racking, it is fun to be back in learner mindset and to be honing a whole new skill set. As I approach the start date, I feel open and intrigued and really excited about the learning that lies ahead. My Dad always approached life with an endearingly innocent sense of curiosity and receptiveness which I hope I can channel when approaching the course. This playful and experimental quality often comes to me as the image of a cartwheel, hence the title of today’s post.


The Cartwheel

I am the cartwheel that dances with life

I am up I am down, I am bliss I am strife

I have colourful, loveable imagination

Capturing feeling with every rotation

Grasping so high and spinning so free

My soul is mischievous, twirling with glee

Sometimes I land with a bump on the ground

But spring to my feet as I hear my heart pound

Embracing the impact and flipping it round

And turning it into a beautiful sound

Spinning and brimming with night and with day

Propelling myself into life come what may

Rolling, unfurling my energy’s rife

I am the cartwheel that dances with life



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