The Sound of Silence

Sometimes we are impatient to find the answers to our questions and the more we busy ourselves with finding them, the more illusive these answers seem to become. Today’s poem was written on holiday in Rhodes last October. After doing a morning yoga lesson at the beach looking out at the sunrise, it dawned on me how it important it is to remain receptive to the signs of nature. Our answers often manifest themselves naturally when we let go and trust. Below today’s poem is the link to a video I made of the poem and there is also another link with a flyer advertising my coaching sessions. If you know of anyone who would like a demo session, do pass on my contact details so that they can connect with me. The qr code for my Facebook page is also at the bottom of my post. Happy Lazy Sunday afternoon! 😻
The Ocean has the Answer

The Ocean has the answer

Sparkling beads of gold

Adorn the tranquil morning sea

Holding secrets old

The ocean has the answer

Bubbling strong and deep

It’s vibrant salty energy

Still surges whilst we sleep

The ocean has the answer

A treasured secret jewel

We glimpse it when the waves crash in

Its tide brings us renewal

The ocean has the answer

It glistens whilst up high

The setting sun casts glowing rays

And seagulls swoop and fly

The ocean has the answer

Another morning rises

It’s lively, leaping morning foam

Brings promise of surprises

Blue and white sails bob along

Carried in its arms

The ocean has the answer

A jewellery box of calm

The video

Co-Active Life Coaching Sessions 

My name is Samantha and I am excited to be able to offer Life Coaching sessions in English via Skype, telephone or in person. The aim of the Co-Active coaching sessions is for me to assist you in finding your own resourceful and creative solutions to your current life challenges/situations via open questioning and guidance.

Please connect with me via email, SMS, WhatsApp or telephone if you wish to find out more about Co-Active coaching and would like to arrange a free ‘demo session’.

Tel : 0041762537140

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