Berry Funny 

Light-hearted posts always seem fitting on a Friday and today I feel the need to share a ridiculous anecdote and related poem. On Wednesday evening after a hectic day at work and after school play duty, I was pleased to squeeze in a lightning food shop with time to make my bus 64 connection to Dornach. As I sank down on the bus, tired, yet impressed with my efficient multitasking accomplishments, my satisfaction was rudely interrupted by the sight of a gazillion of my freshly purchased blueberries cascading down the bus in berry abandonment! In such a clean, organised and efficient country as Switzerland these random occurrences are unheard of and are  bordering on offensive. Yet the horrendous slow motion moment of realisation that my liberated berries would soon be squashed beneath the feet of the exiting passengers was so ridiculous that all I could do was laugh! I did not, as feared, get chastised by the bus driver for having lost control of my rebel berries and I had enough of my blue beauties left to make a decent smoothie!

The Blueberries’ Revolt

A Wednesday evening, local bus

Could almost feel the sighs

A myriad of bluebell balls

Came drifting past our eyes

And tried I did to reign them in

Those fruit souls were too wise

They rolled around in ecstacy

Despite my feeble tries

I wished I was a sorcerer

A master of disguise

But as they spun between the seats

This was no time for lies

In time they would be crushed blue mush

And I would be chastised

They shimmied jubilant and free

As if they’d won first prize

Of all the fruits that I could see

I would choose them to buy

But hindsight is a useless tool

No point in hows or whys

It was quite funny after all

Better to laugh than cry

The driver didn’t make a scene

No judging, rolling eyes

No doubt they’d take a while to clean

He was a patient guy

My smoothies would be somewhat lean

A hundred blueberries shy


19 thoughts on “Berry Funny 

  1. Ha! Ha! I enjoyed that. Thanks. Glad you had some blueberries left to enjoy.
    You know I misread the town name and thought it was “Dornoch” in the north of Scotland and I thought “they have blueberries in the Highlands now?” But then I looked again and saw where you really are.


  2. Haha this is lovely Sam. What else could you do but laugh ! I am sure your blueberry smoothie was awesome. I wondered when reading this, what I would have done…I too would have picked them, well tried….and then I wonder how many rolling eyes I would have received and the sighs…oh well….this is life. Have a beautiful Friday and great weekend. 🙂

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