Battle of the Seasons

As the seasons battle for centre stage I can’t help but think back to the time just after I lost my Dad last February. As I walked along the river, I remember an almost physical feeling of being pulled in two directions, inside me the chill of a very sad winter and ahead the persistent call of the ever optimistic Spring. I am so grateful that I could write during this time. Expressing the way I experienced thecold grief process through writing was and still is an exremely cathartic and healing process.

Confusing Season

Sugar dust sprinkled

On a tall shrouded hill

So far away

And I’m missing you still

Ahead there is sunshine

But a bite in the air

Such a mixture of weather

How I wish you were there

And the blackbirds are calling

For the Spring to arrive

And I call on thoughts

That help keep you alive

My hands they are freezing

And the river flows on

Even friends can lack patience

Wishing me to move on

And the train winds ahead

And it transports my soul

And a swan calls out to me

How I long to feel whole

This journey is bumpy

Full of highs and of lows

And the pain of your passing

So intense, no one knows

It’s a puzzle, a riddle

And who knows the reason

I am carried along

By this confusing season


21 thoughts on “Battle of the Seasons

      1. I lost my father in February also, the day before my parents wedding anniversary and altho that was summer here it still felt cold … 24 years ago


  1. Sam, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your writing helps you, as it is so therapeutic within itself.
    I still miss my dad and he passed away 20 years ago! I would like to say it gets easier but for me I feel his loss everyday. Life for me has become a different journey now, it’s a different chapter. x

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