In the Moment

Ok so this is a bit of a happy hippie post!

Sometimes all it takes for me to feel happier and more appreciative is to actually notice what’s right in front of me. Slowing down enough to be in this state of awareness can be tough yet so enriching. Today’s poem was written whilst waiting for a train on a beautiful cool and sunny Spring day during the Easter holidays. The photo above  was taken by a friend and colleague a couple of weeks ago during our lunchtime walk and seemed to sum up the being in the moment feeling!


My skin feels soft, the air feels new

And life shows up, a different view

Like looking on with new born eyes

My heart is bursting with surprise

And lighting up in pink and violet

No more automatic pilot

My being and the setting blend

The hairs on my neck stand on end

The hope of dawn makes life exciting

A yellow, flashing, ball of lightning

Ice cold shower, fresh and biting

My dark and broken parts are whitening

The icing on life’s birthday cake

To live this gift called life, awake


18 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. Lovely! 😍 The poem was great, and that photo – wow, so many dandelions!

    I’m the same way; slowing down and noticing what is right in front of me many times makes me happy. Like today, pulling weeds from the garden, I noticed the little flowers on the “weeds” – and stopped to take photos and then I pulled them out gently so I could replant them elsewhere. XD

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      1. Me too and that’s where part of my blog name come from. Bohemian….
        I grew up in a little town close to Nürnberg and it’s pretty centrally located. Visited Lauterbrunnen in 2015 and the mountains hold a special place in my heart.

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