Climb Every Mountain

What on earth was I thinking, signing up to do my year long CTI Co-Active training on top of a full time teaching job? There were so many pragmatic and understandable reasons to talk myself out of this. I mean, I had completed the training and there are coaches who practice without gaining the paperwork and… Yet here I am, all signed up and ready to start in May. I feel daunted, ridiculously excited and grateful to be following a passion. It is a big mountain to climb but if Maria in The Sound of Music can do it then so can I! 

Whilst we are on the topic, I am currently looking for practice clients as of May 1st. If any of you would like a demo coaching session or know of anyone who would, please feel free to contact me. One of my main aims is to help clients tap into their own resourceful and creativity.  My contact details are :

Or 0041762537140 (I have WhatsApp too)

The Mountain

The mountain towers, peak unclear

It’s summit clouded by my fear

The climb is rocky, path is steep

To make it up, I must dig deep

Go step by step, not look below

Keep focussed, gently I must go

Trusting in my own foundations

Thoughts are just deliberation

Wise and grounded, still and tall

The heart is bigger than the fall

Was me that listened to your call

You are my mountain after all

Ever present, knowing place

Ascending you is not a race

I face my mountain, open eyed

At least that I can say I’ve tried

I hope you’ll keep me safe from harm

I’m here beneath you, open arms


24 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

      1. Did you know that the coach who tutors someone is the same word as the coach that’s a vehicle pulled by horses? The vehicle was the original meaning, which got metaphorically extended to a person who takes your performance from one place to another.


  1. Nice to meet you, Sam! I am a retired teacher who lived in Germany many years ago. I’m sure you will have a wonderful life in Switzerland and i look forward to reading more of your writing.

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  2. Sam this was absolutely beautiful. Good for you and all the very best. For me the words in your poem really resonated as I’m in the process of climbing my own mountain, so to speak. Wonderful post.


      1. Thank you, Sam! Hope you had a great night. Sun and Mon are tough for next week. I’m on New York time, so it might be tough to coordinate, that’s okay. Good luck with everything!

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