What’s up Doc?

Our bunnies never fail to make us smile. Originally we started off with Hovis and Chia but poor Hovie left this world just as we moved into our new Swiss love shack. Amidst an already tumultuous time, we were then tasked with finding a mate for poor, bereft little Chia pronto as of courses bunnies cannot be kept on their own. Along came Spoony and initially she was not amused! Today’s poems are dedicated to the small balls of fluff who fill our lives with constant comic interludes!

Chia the Comeback Queen

The year was full of twisted fate

You lost your treasured grey soul mate

Your favourite patch gone as you grieved

And no more dandelion leaves

Your fur grew thicker, matted brown

No one to lick your cute ears down

And Spoony turned up in the mix

(As if you hadn’t had your fix)

White balls of fluff flew in the air

As you showed him you’d had your share

You’d lost your home and lost your mate

And Spoony’s presence sealed your fate

Forced together, chalk and cheese

Your lion head was not best pleased

A lightning ball with white spoon ears

As if from nowhere did appear

But one year on, you’re back on form

And life with Spoony is the norm

The two of you are back on track

You’ve got your bunny mojo back!

And for the most part you are friends

(Although he drives you round the bend)

Your spritely skips around the run

Are filled with cheeky Springtime fun

He even gives your ears a clean

Spritely Chia, the comeback queen


Spoony the Loony

We never thought that you would be

A speckled pebble from the sea

Your coat was once as white as snow

Where did that tiny bunny go?

He turned into a leaping hare

Who hops at will and has no care

For mortal folks like you and I

He’s just a spoon eared kind of guy

Flailing ears and twitching feet

Poor Chia’s heart has missed a beat

As you fly rings around the run

Each one faster and more fun

Skittish, carefree total loony

Whatever happened to our Spoony?


33 thoughts on “What’s up Doc?

  1. They are absolutely adorable! Lovely poems. πŸ™‚
    My daughter had rabbits many years ago and till we got them we had no idea just how much personality the little fluff balls had. So much fun.
    Enjoy playing with Chia and Spoony. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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