Sticks and Stones

I love words.  They allow me to communicate my experience in a way that is personal to me and they permit me to channel my feelings in both a free and structured manner. I am also fascinated by the way that speaking a foreign language can break down barriers and open hearts and bring a deep level of connection with those from very different backgrounds my own. Words are tremendously powerful tools of expression. Needless to say other people’s’words affect me. I sometimes feel as if I physically absorb words and that they become a part of my being, for better or worse! So maybe you have guessed the theme of today’s poem?! What do words mean to you?



Like secret weapons, quite unique

I show my spirit when I speak

Receptive to the language heard

There’s so much impact in our words

For me they bring the inside out

They have the power to cause doubt

Can be clumsy and cause pain

And can’t be taken back again

Their subtext is a fertile land

In which my psyche does expand

They paint a picture which sometimes

Is etched like fossils in my mind

They have the impetus to sow

True confidence and help me grow

But when they’re spoken without thought

Their message makes me feel quite fraught

Like tiny missiles, they shoot me

Defining how my world should be

And when into my mouth they’re placed

I often do not like the taste

React defensively, bite back

A verbal word on word attack

Sometimes they’re silky caramel

And make my heightened senses swell

As if my neurones were on fire

They tantalise me and inspire

Remaining in my thirsty mind

Imprinted til the end of time

They reassure, they lift me high

Allow the bird inside to fly

I love to choose them one by one

As verbal tennis is such fun

So let’s forget those sticks and stones

It’s words that seep beneath my bones

Some phrases gain eternal glory

Words are headlines for my story

Each syllable and exclamation

Inference and intonnation

Full of charge, electric, live

Within their magic my soul thrives


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