Hold back the River

The Birs river, as many of you know,  is one of my favourite places to walk and jog along. Not only is it very peaceful but the path is also flat, making pounding the pavements a little easier! One day last week I had some of the new gospel songs playing on my iPod, one of which I absolutely love and play on repeat continuously. It is an upbeat African number which seems to touch my soul without me even understanding what half of the words mean. Somewhere on my walk that day the music and the scenery became one, resulting in the end part of today’s poem.

Springtime River

Floating down the Springtime river 

Petals follow you along

Chilly air makes my skin shiver

Graceful swan and young bird song

Cool and green reflections shimmer

Shady trees with river roots

Through their gaps the dawn light glimmers

Path is green with Springtime shoots

Branches from the trees are swaying 

Lifting to the sky in praise

For our new born souls they’re praying

Let this new light guide our days


17 thoughts on “Hold back the River

  1. I am also a Swiss river walker, but being on the other side of the Jura near Solothurn it is the River Aar where I take my walks – not so much with music, but with my camera.


  2. What is the name of the song that inspired you? I love gospel music and I love African music so I am intrigued. I encourage you to add an about page to your blog soon so readers know more about you. It also helps to have the widget that lists links to your most recent posts. Welcome to WordPress!


      1. Maybe I missed it, or maybe you did it as one of your early posts. An about page is something that will show up as part of a menu at the top of your blog or perhaps on the side. The first thing I generally do when I go to a blog that is new to me is go to their about page.


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