Always with me 

41 is not half as daunting as 40. Last year it was so tough to go through my birthday without Dad. He would always phone me or leave a lovely voicemail, singing Happy Birthday and would make the day a special one. Today I miss Dad as much as I did a year ago but I can hear him singing to me and imagine our conversation and somehow it feels as if he is still here. The missing will never go but some of the fear has gone. Thanks for all of those birthdays you made so special Dad. 

Those little acts of kindness

Those little acts of kindness

I never will forget

You spoke to me so lovingly

You always called me pet

A sunny day in Bournemouth

My birthday drawing near

You held my dresses patiently

We walked along the peer

When my life felt scary

And all I felt was fear

You danced around the lounge with me

Until sleep did appear

With my weekly money

A kind uplifting note

Tucked inside a personally

Headed envelope

You cared about my future

Showed consideration

Humoured me and looked so proud

During my graduation

And every time you went away

You’d always think of me

So many little souvenirs

Selected specially

These little acts of kindness

They made me feel so loved

I hope you know just how much

They meant, there up above


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