Scent from the Night

Walking home from choir on Tuesday was a very memorable and sensory experience. The air was warm and fragrant, the stars were bright and all that could be heard was nature at work. Whilst most of Dornach was settling down for the night, I stood outside our street for twenty minutes, mesmerised by this sensual evening.
Spring’s Perfume

The air is warm and sensual

My thoughts fly high as kites

I feel a part of everything

And blossom scents the night

Intoxicating, tantalising

Insects spring to action

Buzzing, crackling in the leaves

Us humans know a fraction

Stirred by serendipity

A private wildlife show

It fills me with humility

My ears hear new shoots grow

And doors of sleepy houses, closed

This beauty they don’t see

I feel the ground beneath my toes

And stand still with the trees

Mild and fragrant village night

Spring’s Perfume, starry blue

My captivated soul is light

If I could bottle you…


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