Down to Earth

African gospel songs are so earthy and spiritual and as I sit listening to one of the new songs to be learned for our next concert in June, I am reminded of how important our roots and our connection to the earth is. I wrote this poem a few months ago about a lady who is very connected to the ground beneath her! On reading Charlotte’s beautiful blog entry about walking barefoot (link below poem), I was inspired to include this poem in today’s post.


Juanita’s feet are on the ground

She dances to a tribal sound

She feels the roots beneath her feet

And Mother Earth makes her heart beat

Juanita’s hair is long and wild

She has a Zulu inner child

She’s orange flame and earthy red

She lives her heart, ignores her head

The limitations of the mind

Are useless to the earthy kind

She knows her body holds more signs

Expressing passion, no confines

Juanita gets whatever she needs

She owns her life and takes the lead

Connected to the here and now

She doesn’t ponder why or how

But grinds her feet into the earth

Authentic as her day of birth


Link to Charlotte’s post…








23 thoughts on “Down to Earth

  1. Awwh this is such a lovely poem! Very creative with so much meaning! This is such a brilliant wellbeing poem and i love it! I love the picture also! Thank you for sharing and i am so so glad that i inspired you to share it and upload it! Talent like yours can’t be wasted and needs to be shared! XO

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  2. Love love love, especially

    “She’s orange flame and earthy red

    She lives her heart, ignores her head”

    It’s such a vivid description of Juanita. I really like the way your poetry has a lyrical rhythm to it, it’s like it comes with its own drums playing in the background.

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