The Waiting Game

I probably should still be resting but I ventured out for a run none the less after work yesterday. It was simply too beautiful a Spring day to let pass by! My body is not amused by this decision and would have preferred me to wait a little longer before being put through its paces. If only I had my Dad’s patience. I always remember him telling my brother and I  “Patience is a Virtue”, a saying which he lived by and which brought him a great deal of peace of mind.

Patience is a virtue

You wielded it with skill

And used it like a superpower

Mastered it with will

Patience is forgiving

You lived it through your actions

Humoured indiscretions

Tempered your reactions

Patience is a lily

Floating on a pond

Patience gave you peace of mind

An easy way to bond

Patience is a jazz song

Laid back and relaxed

Patience is receptive

And has a huge impact

It’s slow and it is loyal

It helps let others shine

Lets you laugh at your own self

And has no fear of time

Patience is a mindset

A practice and a choice

To access it within myself

I hear your patient voice

You always had the time of day

Your words ring through my head

Patience is a virtue

You lived by what you said


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