After a sunny hike in the March sunshine, yesterday we headed home to chill in the garden. I also managed to dig out my very first poetry book which is now twenty three years old. I wrote some poems before this time but they never made it into my blue book! Whilst reading through some more of my older musings, I came across this poem which reminds me of a very chilled day, looking out of the window on a school trip at the beginning of my teaching career.



Bavaria, how the sharpness of your German edges

Are gently smudged away by southern sun

The misty visions now lay softly on the river Rhine

Disillusioned days fade to amber glow


Munich, I hear the lilting of honeyed German tones

And under bright and chilling Springtime sky

The tower holds fatigued reflections of our travelled minds

The frenzied tightrope slackens and unfurls


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