High Spirits

Thank crunchie it’s Friday!  This week I have come across some poems that I wrote about five years ago and it has made me smile to look back on them. This morning’s poem, written during this era is about spiritual enlightenment of an alternative kind. Not long until gin o’clock!
Spiritual Daze

She lay down on her bed one night

In deep contemplation

Feeling quite directionless

and running out of patience


She thought she might as well seek out

some other world advice

to wake her up and make her buzz

and give her life some spice


She stumbled on an article

twas nothing new per se

just talked about The Secret

and she knew that anyway


She stuffed some empty calories

and washed them down with more

and told herself to be more

open minded like before


And as she read the article

processing but a fraction

drawn almost magnetically

to The Law of Attraction


Several chocolates later

Complete infatuation –

Re-convinced about the powers

of her affirmations


Dashing to her oil burner

G and T in tow

She lit an aura-cleansing oil

her energies did flow


Expressing her new mantra

both with focus and intent

“I will receive abundance

and a deep sense of content”


And try she did to focus on

the peace she felt within

but even more inviting was

another glass of gin!


And so she threw her mag aside

Imbibed in more Bombay

Perked up almost instantly

(So she thought anyway)


Danced around her living room

So naked and so free

Transcending to the dizzy heights

of spirituality


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