In the same boat


As we are constantly bombarded by images of perfection, success and people who are supposedly living the dream, the pressure to project our lives in an idyllic manner is greater than ever. Ironic really when the thing that unites us all is our vulnerability.  The more we connect with others authentically, the closer our bonds. Important to let vulnerability show from time to time I think.


My vulnerability is my strength,

Some people go to any length

To act like everything is sorted

Smiles show when the truth’s distorted

Hiding pain makes your soul tense

At times our lives do not make sense

No need for armour, self defence

Pretence – like dark, protective tents

Just longs to let light in and vent

When hearts are open, they’re content

Events just happen and cause feelings

Sometimes send our senses reeling

Sharing what’s within our pores

Can rebuild bridges, open doors

Such liberty and unity

Within my vulnerability

17 thoughts on “In the same boat

      1. That’s good! Me too, I’ve got a college graduation to attend today for my niece. So it’ll be a great day. I’m so excited for her! 😉

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  1. ‘Astonished’ is the word! You really caught me!
    Not only a very true observation/conclusion but on rhyme as well!
    Well done! (Or was I in luck?)
    I guess I’ll have to check on some more . . .?
    Smile! (I do not stop for poems very often during a full year !)

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