Clowning around

Today’s poem is a reminder to try new things and take different approaches as often as possible. It is so easy to get stuck in a role and become conditioned. Whilst playing these roles is a vital part of functioning in life, it is so important to explore our passions so that we don’t live our whole livesΒ in automatic pilot. Β After all, we only have one life!

The Clown

Orange dotted trousers

A painted red brick smile

He’s always on the sunny side

He thrives upon denial

His dancing eyes they twinkle

Each move he animates

Juggling his pain away

So many spinning plates

Custard pies fly in his face

He loves to play the fool

Make it bigger for the crowd

They taught him in clown school

His life is one big spectacle

His laughter somewhat shrill

Exaggerated happiness

Inside has lost its thrill

Wondering what life would be

With unexpected twists

If he’d have swapped his shiny nose

Become a ventriloquist

Or handed in his pantaloons

Been a trapeze artist

So many undiscovered paths

On his imagined list

But all he knows is clowning shows

And it has been too long

The clown is stuck in orange dots

In childish, silly song

He shrugs his tired shoulders

And he claps his weary hands

Blows a raspberry to the crowd

Somersault – no hands!

Bells a jingle, eyebrows high

Although inside he strains

The clown he knows his role in life

He’s there to entertain


11 thoughts on “Clowning around

  1. So many great lines in this poem. I love that his laughter is somewhat shrill – it reminds me of the moments when my smile is so forced, it almost hurts. Luckily, that’s not often! It’s interesting to think about who we all are – really – behind the masks we show the world. It’s sad to think about dreams gone by and wasted time. This poem motivates me! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Creeepy at any level! I’m a huge Stephen King fan, and the movie trailer for the new IT is due out tomorrow – sorry but it’s all I can think of! Well, other than my sister thought about becoming a clown. She didn’t – she is a professional artist – but still managed to be educated at the Ringling School of Art and Design. Yes THAT Ringling! Go figure.


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