Musical Souls


I grew up in a very musical family and gatherings at my very talented Auntie Glen’s house often culminated in us all singing along to songs from the shows. Dad and I were members of Southampton Musical Society throughout my childhood and often sang and performed in shows together. We also both sang in The Mountbatten School choir together at different points in time and I have a lovely video of him singing his heart out which inspires me to give my all when I perform with my local gospel choir.

We often communicated through music and Dad would regularly send me ‘mixes’ of songs on a certain theme to accompany me through challenging times in my university days. He had a wide and eclectic taste in music as do I and on my trips back from Switzerland we loved to go walking and would usually end up singing some song or another together en route.  Music always seems to make everything better somehow!

Joyful Melody

We shared so much, you gave your all

You died with no regrets at all

In me your music carries on

It makes me smile to hear those songs

The musicals, those happy tunes

And when we danced around the room

The Shadows and The Spotniks too

Will always make me think of you

All those shows, so many parts

Always played straight from the heart

The mixes on those old cassettes

Precious times I won’t forget

We’d sing together in your car

You lit my life up like a star

At times there was no need to talk

It was enough to sing and walk

You brought music to my days

Encouraged me with love and praise

You showed me that when things went wrong

Most things were better with a song

You taught me that we have a choice

That there is beauty in each voice

So full of such integrity

Your life – a joyful melody


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