King of Hearts

Yesterday afternoon we arranged to meet our friends and former neighbours back in the garden of our old flat and held a farewell ceremony for Lenny. Andy thought that it would be only right to scatter his ashes underneath his favourite tree and so we did. I read one of the poems I wrote about him and it was an emotional but special way to say goodbye to our little boy. Earlier on that afternoon I also rediscovered a poem which I had written about Lenny about six years ago in the days when the garden in which we held his ceremony really was his kingdom. Our apartment was on the second floor and Andy even built Lenny a cat ladder so that hewas able to leave and return to his kingdom at will and with the aid of a few coaxing cat biscuits he soon became proficient in negotiating this!

Le chat noir
Silky, chocolate half-crest moon
you curve with style and poise
A sleek and sultry liquorice coat
That soothing, purring noise
and your black magic charms us all
your cheeky feline grin
your lively, pointy, velvet ears
white dot under your chin
so sooty are your dainty paws
your whiskers so refined
your shiny tail communicates
just what you have in mind
your slow and yet sure footed moves
show confidence and class
you’ve no need to miaow at all
we bow down as you pass
Our royal King of Ebony
outstretched you spend your days
and grace our evenings and weekends
with your alluring ways


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