Birdsong, I am discovering, is one of the most meditative sounds out there. Yesterday, in between parent conferences, I went for a stroll in the woods near to my work place and found myself alone with the sounds of the birds.Β This solitary moment was better than any formal meditation practice I have ever attempted and inspired me to write this poem.

Concert in the Trees

The sun is low, there is no breeze
Its hopeful rays creep through the trees
How nature’s solace does astound
And birdsong is the only sound
A joyful chorus in the trees
Your private conversations tease
A dancing call, a high pitched tweet
Each signature a different beat
My mind is empty, thoughts are clear
All I can do is walk and hear
My other senses all take leave
Your cheerful chanting interweaves
Some of you tweet in rhythmic keys
And others warble as you please
Some animated, full of charm
The fusion of your voices calms
Within your sound, I feel content
A place where all good souls are sent
Sweet moment of true harmony
Impromptu concert in the trees



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