Feet first


I have to admit that I am terrible at stopping when my body is clearly indicating that it is time to do so! Yesterday I went jogging after having pulled a muscle under my ribcage a couple of days before, and I am now paying the price!

Last summer, Andy and I did a sponsored hike from the north to the south of the Alsace in aid of Macmillan, a charity very close to our hearts. We carried our food and tent in our back packs and stayed in campsites along the wine route, clocking up over two hundred kilometres in total. By the end of our trek our feet were completely wrecked – blistered, battered and worn! I wrote this tongue-in-cheek ode to my neglected plates of meat a few weeks later and on rereading it this morning, I am reminded to befriend my body and listen to it’s signs!


Heroic Feet

I’ve been a little mean of late

You’ve had to bear a heavy weight

I’ve left you in a weary state

No time to rest and contemplate

Your war wounds are now out of date

The pair of you look far from great

Your pain, I underestimate

Neglecting my most loyal mates

I hope I haven’t sealed my fate

I’d like to take you on a date

Indulge you and commiserate

Caress your soles, luxuriate

For now I’ll put you up and wait

Myself I must ingratiate

You’ve kept me narrow, kept me straight

You’ve every reason to show hate

You’re battered, blistered – quite ornate

For this my ownself I berate

Once so gentle, skin so sweet

Forgive me my heroic feet



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