Happy Stripes

Just before my Dad became ill, he brought me back a gift from a holiday that he had been on. He always brought me back thoughtful little gifts whenever he went away and this time he gave me a colourful, stripy scarf. I always think of Dad when I wear this scarf and I take it away with me whenever I go on holiday as it reminds me of him and of how it felt to be his daughter.


The Rainbow Scarf

That cheerful rainbow scarf

It makes me smile inside

You chose something so colourful

And my heart’s open wide

I wear it when it’s chilly

And as a beach sarong

I’ll wear it in the wintertime

When days are not so long

I’ll wrap it round my shoulders

A colourful cocoon

I’ll hold it close when I feel scared

And gaze up to the moon

You saw my many colours

Encouraged me to dance

You stood behind me when I left

So proud I took my chance

My heart feels like a rainbow

When I make it sway

Kaleidoscopic energy

Just have to seize the day

You chose it cause you loved me

It was as if you knew

That lilting floating rainbow scarf

Would not let me stay blue


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