New Life


It is difficult not to feel uplifted by the cute Spring flowers popping up everywhere at this time of year. Over here people seem to have a real knack for planting their Spring bulbs in the sweetest of nooks, making Spring seem all the more special. I think this has to be my favourite season and, even if it has come a little early this year, I’m certainly not complaining!


Spring Flowers

Little bright determined faces
Push through rocky, earthy places
Shoots of promise, green and new
To chase away the winter blues
Yellow, purple, pink and white
A floral tribute to the light
Popping up, out the blue
In places no one knew you grew
Primroses like lemon cakes
Snowdrops white, coconut flakes
Daffodils and crocuses
That sing with Springtime promises
Through the cracks, your new life bursts
Drinking light with youthful thirst
Renewal, birth and nature’s power
Shine out loud from these Spring flowers

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