The zest of life


Still reeling from my Sicilian escapade, I am amazed by how big of an impact one week on an italian island has had on me! I met some very colourful characters and it felt like being back in the days of my three years spent studying and working as a language assistant in France and Germany in my twenties. This week was a memorable week of magic, mayhem and mystery and something tells me that I return to Sicily before too long.


A firey tassel of the boot
A slice of lava spice
A place that doesn’t follow suit
A place that rolls the dice
Jagged, salty mystery
Eclectic and alive
A piece of sunshine in the sea
Where edgy beauty thrives
The aubergines, the capers
The granita, Arancini
The lack of any clarity
The gardens of Bellini
A place to whet your appetite
A place that makes you guess
Explosion in the deep blue see
Intriguing lemon zest



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