Calm in the chaos

What an island of contrasts Sicily is. It is not my first visit but this time I am doing a home stay and language lessons and experiencing more of a slice of spicy, sunny and surreal Sicilian life. After lunch I ventured down to the beach at Aci Trezza and relaxed on the rocks, happy for some calm time.

Seaside Liberty

The salty waves crash on to stones

And rocks of lava, charcoal tones

Alone I rest against a rock

Relax a little and take stock

Drinking sun beams through the cracks

The porous lava warms my back

My shadow forming in the light

I hear the waves lap as I write

The sight of Spring Sicilian style

Is etched in yellow, orange smiles

On bright green leaves that gaze to sea

The seagulls swoop, alive and free

Some time alone is good for me

Life’s so much more than we can see

I need to let it flow through me

Recalling seaside liberty


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