Gentle Strength



What is strength? It’s funny how we sometimes associate strength with being in control, not showing extreme emotions, looking physically strong, acting as if we’re on top of everything  etc. My Dad was probably the strongest man I knew. He was a gentle, gregarious man who loved life and who drew on his inner resources and emotional intelligence when he needed to harness his strength. The way that he used his heart and mind to deal with the gruelling physical symptoms of his illness showed strength in the true sense of the word. God bless you Dad, full of strength.



Not loud or fierce or brash or rough

A strength made of much stronger stuff

Your strength had no need to play tough

Your love of life was quite enough

You stood so tall, courageous mountain

Strength poured from you like a fountain

Body burning, tired, crying

But your pure soul did not stop trying

Dying was not in your plan

You wise, amazing, special man

Resilient, forever kind

Your fortitude came from your mind

And from your heart so altruistic

Thankful, hopeful, optimistic

Strong as water, freely flowing

Warm and homely fire glowing

Like cherry blossom, blooming, Spring

A natural strength based on feeling

Strong as faith and light as air

I feel your power everywhere

An ancient, Indian spirit song

You’ve shown me how a real man’s strong

32 thoughts on “Gentle Strength

  1. A powerful and gorgeous tribute to your father, Sam. An inspiration to parents to be remembered by their children in this way. And a reminder to men and women that strength is not about who shouts the loudest, hits the hardest, is the meanest – but quite the contrary.
    Keep on writing, beautiful soul.


  2. A wonderful tribute to your father! Well expressed. Indeed, the world wrongly associates brute strength, power, and lack of emotions with ‘being strong’. People often mistake gentleness and kindness to be a sort of weakness. I’ll be glad if you read my poem ‘My sensitivity is my strength’ , which was written to clear up this misunderstanding.

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