The Little Things

On this wet, grey March morning as the seasons are still in battle with one another,I think back again to Dad’s ability to see the positive in just about anything. The morning may be not look exactly inspiring and yet the plants could probably do with the water and somehow the gentle sound of the raindrops on our patio roof is both relaxing and comforting. Dad taught me that we have to be grateful for the small things and not ever be complacent and I wrote this simple poem back in December to remind me of this.


Don’t forget the sunsets

Don’t forget the sunsets

Don’t overlook the pleasure

When nature blesses summer skies

With pink and orange treasures

Don’t forget the morning

When you awake again

The glint of light that fills your eyes

The energy regained

Don’t dismiss the beauty

Of lush and verdant hills

Don’t let your complacency

Anaesthetise the thrill

Don’t ignore the splendour

Of autumn colours turning

Animals can be so wise

You’re not too old for learning

Don’t discount the value

Of breathing in fresh air

Don’t assume you’ll always be

Alive and standing there

Don’t tune out from hearing

The village church bells peal

Don’t assume they always will

Be mindful of the wheel

This life is full of presents

Both natural and free

Don’t forget the sunsets

That’s something you’ve taught me


23 thoughts on “The Little Things

      1. It’s beautiful that his words still ring clear within your mind. My day has been very thought provoking, and I’m in the middle of writing a poem, which was inspired by reading yours. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Sam, I’ve actually decided to make it a permanent poem series on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you have a good day as well! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much – I have left a message on your blog post. I love this poem and the colours you depict are so vivid and capture the unique beauty of this scene. Sam 🙂


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