Kindred Spirit


During one of our evening vets visits I had a very special moment with Lenny when his pain seemed to subside a little. He curled up in a ball on my lap with my hand under his chin and drifted off to sleep. The room became very quiet and still and it was almost as if we had become one. Andy always said that Lenny and I were always better when we were together and rather philosophically quoted Aristotle later on that evening saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. We had two precious days with Lenny at home before we had to let him go to sleep and on the first morning back home he laid beside both of us purring louder than ever before. I will never forget this heartfelt purr which conveyed more honestly than any human words ever could how ecstatic he was to be back home. This morning I am missing my kindred spirit and his healing energy so much and feel so grateful for this stolen moment of togetherness prior to his depature to The Other World.


Last Legs

You looked so tranquil in your sleep

My hands beneath your chin

And finally you were at peace

And you could go within

And you were always home to me

As I was home to you

And as you lay there peacefully

I think that we both knew

You held on for a few more days

We never left your side

Praying for a miracle

For the pain to subside

He hated giving you the meds

The multiple injections

He slept beside you in the lounge

Had limitless affection

If they’d have seen the three of us

All huddled up with joy

I’ve never heard a purr so loud

Than from our baby boy

But your body had given up

Your back legs were asleep

You were a very special soul

Our love for you was deep

You purred until there was no more

Of your life force to give

Affectionate on your last legs

That’s how you’d always lived



27 thoughts on “Kindred Spirit

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and this is a beautiful tribute to your sweet Lenny. There is another bright star in the sky and I do believe we meet our furry friends again on the other side of the rainbow 🌈

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  2. What a beauty. I’m sorry for the emptiness left when we lose anyone we love. My Dad recently lost his dog of 13 years. It is heartbreaking and yet no one wishes suffering by those they love. Hugs.

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  3. Oh Sam, this is so emotional for me…..
    I too, used to have my hand under ‘my boy’s’ little chin and he would sleep, holding his little head in my hand.
    Lenny, perfect precious Lenny. You were blessed with your beautiful boy and all the times you spent with him were so precious.

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