Play your soul out

We play so many different roles in life that sometimes we forget to express our true nature. This is a poem about giving yourself permission to experience your full range of emotions and allowing yourself to perform from the soul.


The Crazy Piano Player

A sultry humid afternoon

Copacabana beach

He stands there in the burning sand

Lithe hands begin to reach

Upon the dusty piano keys

His fingertips vibrate

A thin, unshaven figurine

Portrays a trance like state

His faded, jaded linen suit

It has seen better days

He conjures up the force inside

Then frees his soul and plays

At first some gentle, wistful keys

The onlookers misled

And soon his fingers start to run

His heart defies his head

He spans the spectrum of the keys

With fervent light and shade

Running, dancing up the scales

A musical tirade

Many people gather round

His brow shows beads of sweat

He plays his soul out for himself

Their presence he forgets

Major, Minor, mastery

His hands they stretch so wide

His music is like alchemy

It comes from deep inside

Sparks fly from the piano keys

They make shapes in the air

Transmuting with the melody

All they can do is stare

The piano holding all his weight

It anchors him to ground

A hurricane blows through the trees

Ignited by his sound

His gentle features tired now

He strikes a final note

Ascending up towards the sky

The piano player floats


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