Home Sweet Home

Some of the most fulfilling moments are often found close to home in familiar surroundings. Yesterday we did a hike which we have done many times before but mixed it up a bit by doing the hike backwards. (Crazy kids us 40 somethings! 😉 Our hike culminated in a few sunny glasses of bubbly in the garden whilst watching our fruit-the-loop bunnies play. Our debrief of the day’s events turned into this little poem which kind of wrote itself.
Front Door

This route we know, familiar ground

We start our hike the wrong way round

The sun begins to burn through mist

We walk and talk, my ankle twists

All Saturdays should be like this

Walks in nature bring such bliss

And catkins, thin from branches hang

Like dreadlocks on a rasta man

Cream, cocoa, cappuccino sheep

Chopped wood in perfect little heaps

An orchestra of different birds

In Spring ripe bushes can be heard

The caterpillar – local train

Inches past us once again

This fresh bright air will help us sleep

Although the climb was not too steep

Our garden, tranquil, water sound

The bunnies play, we laze around

We don’t want better, don’t want more

What we need’s here at our front door


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