The Swiss sun has got his (Fasnacht) hat on!


17 degrees on a Swiss February afternoon and I am definitely not complaining! The Reinach Fasnacht (carnival) festivities seem almost out of place as the winter already seems to have been chased away – at least for now. The sun is out in full force and everybody seems a little more expressive, relaxed and optimistic about the future. Today’s blog (and video link) are my tribute to all those who, like myself, chase the light! 🙂

The Sun

I am the sun

Amber, yellow and red

I am free and abundant

I lead, I am led

I am outreaching

I give and receive

I embellish, enlighten

Energise and perceive

I am the sun

I am dancing and strong

I am light yet intense

I’m a bright reggae song

I am the source

I’m a warm orange flame

I’m a ball of expression

This life is a game

I am playful and cheery

I am bouncy and fun

I’m a powerful presence

Yes I am the sun

The Sun poem video



9 thoughts on “The Swiss sun has got his (Fasnacht) hat on!

  1. If you really love the sun, Sam, try my front page and insert ‘sunset’/(enter) in
    the small ‘window’ underneath my top frame. (May be you’ll get an extra inspiration as well? 🙂


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