Keep wondering

This week I have been feeling a little numb coming to terms with the loss of our lovely Lenny and with all the intense feelings of recent loss that his passing reevokes. It is now light enough for me to walk along the river to work and although this is a very familiar path, nature is always changing the scenery and gracing the morning with new gifts which I really appreciate. My Dad, even in the most gruelling stages of his illness,  always taught me to appreciate the little things in life. This simple poem is a tribute to Dad’s inspiring sense of wonder.




You always had a sense of wonder

Looked on life with joy and hope

Storms came roaring, nights of thunder

Amazing how you chose to cope

When I am walking by this river

It makes me feel so close to you

Yesterday I felt a shiver

Was that robin sent by you?

You never took this life for granted

Had such purpose and true grace

In me this spirit you have planted

How I miss your smiling face



16 thoughts on “Keep wondering

  1. You father, even though he is not here around you, his presence is always here and he is watching your footstep. And I can tell from the smile on his face, he would be so glad to read this. Well, you can always read it to him, I’m sure he will listen to every word. The last time that I’ve seen my grandparents were when I was twelve years old. As years passed, I’ve lost them both without saying or kissing them goodbye, simply because my father had incarcerated me in his house for a very long time. That was a pain and still is. But, I am living through it, and you will too. It was a terrible lost. But, I know within my heart that they love me and proud of me. It hurts at times when I see myself improving and they are not here to say, “wow. Look at you!” But, that’s okay.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear this but am glad that you have found a positive way to deal with this emotionally. I feel my Dad’s presence in so many different ways and often think of him when I see robins. Have a good day, Sam 🙂


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