Time to forget time



A few months ago whilst I was sitting on the bus heading towards the centre of the universe (aka Dornach Bahnhof!) I looked out of the window and saw a wistful looking lady sat outside our local Helfenstein cafe.Something about her facial expression and posture conveyed an understanding about life that she wished she had many years ago and inspired me to write this poem.

The Times

She sits outside the Helfenstein 

Her hair a silver bun

If she could do it all again

She'd slow down and have fun

The amber beams illuminate

Her wise and craggy face

She wants to tell these passing ants
That life is not a race

Her turquoise eyes nostalgically

Recalling how it felt

To be a passive conformist

On life's conveyor belt

She stirs her coffee wistfully

Savours the bitter taste

And contemplates the irony 

Of this endless rat race

The places that she had to be 

When she was on the rise

The outfits and the war paint

Were all part of the disguise

The targets and the goal setting

The jargon and pretence

The hours spent in meetings

Sitting firmly on that fence

She eats an amaretti

Even though it's nearly lunch

Purposefully enjoying

Every tasty almond crunch

Relaxing as the sun goes down

Outside the Helfenstein

Remembering that all we have

In this life is our time

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