Dark Angel

Dear Lenny,

This poem is devoted to you my beautiful, black companion. I want you to know how much you were and are still loved and how your special, healing presence could never be replaced. You were a one off, an amazing cat – our companion, our clown and our best friend. I hope you, Dad and Grandma are looking after eachother in The Other World and I am writing to say thank you for your understanding, your uniquely resonant purr and your unspoken understanding of my needs. Thank you for staying by my side when life dealt me some rough blows and thank you for making me stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’ when you knew this was best for me. You were so intelligent that at times Andy and I would not have been surprised if you had opened your mouth and started taking part in our conversation. Such was your spirit, your capacity to feel and respond.

We truly love you Lenny  and always will.

Love your humble and grateful ‘owners’ (the word doesn’t seem appropriate somehow)


Dark Angel

Good angels they aren’t always white
And mine was darker than the night
With a white dot under his chin
A knowing look, a loving grin
You gave so many gifts to me
And loved me unconditionally
I knew you always understood
In ways a human never could
A truly one off entity
And part of my identity
Your purr vibrating as you lay
Melting all my cares away
Our house feels like an empty shell
Without your presence there as well
My angel’s gone, but what a fight
Sweet Angel, darker than the night






19 thoughts on “Dark Angel

      1. You’re quite welcome. I agree cats are phenomenal. Sable was my first one and before her, while I always loved kittens I didn’t think I’d be too crazy about a cat but she quickly changed my mind. She had so much personality and obeyed commands like a dog, that is until I got a dog then she decided she ruled the roost.


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