Mellow Yellow



Light sheds hope on so many different, difficult situations and emotions. Today as I look outside and the gentle warmth of the sunshine shines in on my face, I feel a sense of gratitude and hope. Somehow the light is making me feel more mellow and open to possibility. Whilst I was on the good old Easyjet flight travelling back to see my Mum in January the different lights and perspectives inspired me to write this poem….


Floating by

A cotton wool, transcending sky
With countless wispy layers
I sit and watch my thoughts float by
You’re always in my prayers
Across the skyline shades of red
Orange, lemon, blending
The sky’s just like a lollipop
With frothy cream extending
For miles and miles up here above
It feels a bit like drifting
I glimpse a golden arrow light
Transparent and uplifting
Some mellow tracks, the perfect match
Could only be Pink Floyd
There’s so much beauty in this sky
A timeless, spaceless void
To see the sunset from above
Gives everything perspective
There is a peace in watching life
Not being so reflective
I hope when I come down to earth
My heart will still fly high
And that my thoughts stay light as air
That they will float on by








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