Goodbye Lenny

lennyWe very sadly had to let our adored black cat Lenny go to sleep last Monday. Words will never be adequate enough to describe the loss of such an amazing member of our family. Lenny filled our lives with joy, fun, warmth and spirit. It is very painful to deal with loss again after losing Dad last year but together Andy and I are working through it and finding as many ways to honour the memory of ‘our baby’ as we can. Today I would like to share a one of the may poems I have written about our special boy.

Dear Lenny

I can’t describe the depth of pain

Like scars reopened once again

You were a constant, always there

Whatever state – you never cared

You sat upon me in the days

When I was left and felt afraid

Your black coat shiny, paws so smooth

Your warming cuddles always soothed

My little healer – kindred soul

Without you life does not seem whole

Without your rhythmic, soothing purr

Your soft black, malting coat of fur

With you there was need to speak

Just rubbed my nose against your cheek

You slowed me down and let me be

And purred away in ecstasy

Your body stretching out on me

And healing wounds in synchrony

You were our family, our home

And very rarely did you roam

My heart’s content and my safe space

Beloved Lenny, full of grace


13 thoughts on “Goodbye Lenny

  1. To say Lenny was cherished seems an understatement – so sorry for your loss of a special pet! Lenny reminds me a bit of a little kitten that stowed away with us for 1,000 km a few years ago. We saw him getting tossed into a dumpster in Ukraine, and took him with us in taxis, trams, and buses, to find him a new home. We shared Cocoa’s story on my blog, and a dear reader found she had to adopt him. What a happy ending! Coincidentally Cocoa lives in Switzerland now, living the life of a prince.

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    1. That story really touched my heart. I will have to read more about little Cocoa. What a wonderful end to a very traumatic time for him. You know I really could turn into a crazy cat lady!


  2. Thank you, Sam, for stopping by and “liking” my tribute to our Hannah (My Cat is Bread), as it sent me your way to discover this gem about Monsieur Lenny. What resonates most for me here, is your reference to Lenny’s beautiful, healing energy. My last two cats, Hannah and Sammy (a big, black cat like Lenny, who was a big brother to my kids and lived to 18 yrs!), we’re both “healers,” as well. When I had back surgery on September 2015, and was mostly bed-ridden for close to two months, Hannah didn’t leave my side for the duration, and often snuggled up against my belly (in spoon position), infusing me with her purring warmth. I don’t know how I would have coped without her. What I do know, is that this precious memory — her enduring grace — will sustain me now that she’s gone. It sounds like your boy bestowed you with an equally precious gift!

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    1. Dear Stephanie,

      This really made me emotional. Hannah sounded like such an amazing cat. They feel and respond to things that human words could never remedy. I lost my Dad just over s year ago and during one of the toughest parts of the grief process (which is still ongoing), Lenny instinctively knew to lay out long across my whole body and purr as loudly as he could. I will never forget this. Please do stay in touch as it is great to connect with fellow cat lovers x X X x x

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  3. Oh Sam, this is so sad. I am so sorry about the loss of your precious Lenny. If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?
    My precious boy, Taylor passed away 6 months ago from Cancer, and he was my child, he and I had such a very deep special connection. I miss him daily. He too, never strayed in fact never left my side, slept with me at night, that purr you spoke about, so much you have said reminds me of Taylor.
    Lenny really was beautiful. I know the pain you must be feeling. Hugs.

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    1. Dear Lynne, Lenny was fine in the morning but had a funny turn whilst I was out. Lucky my partner Andy was in and rushed him to vets. Turns out he had Saddle Thrombosis. They are born with it apparently. We don’t have children and as with your Taylor, Lenny was out baby x

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