On the write track?

Stargazing with Full Moon

Parts of my hour long morning walk from Dornach to work can be a little bit of a bumpy ride to say the least. I am often typing poems into my phone whilst walking along accompanied by one of my eclectic playlists or another!  In fact on one beautifully starry night whilst ambling home from choir, I was so engrossed in penning my latest offering that I failed to realise I was walking directly into a neighbour’s bush. I very unceremoniously fell into the aforementioned shrubbery and my mobile phone went flying into the garden! Lesson learned – don’t write while you walk!

This morning was misty but milder than in recent days and it felt slightly mystical. I thought a lot about Dad as I often do on these walks and I wrote a poem which I guess in some ways is to do with accepting Dad’s passing. Although the limitations of my human thoughts will never fully comprehend why such a wonderful, lover of life should pass this morning I felt a sense of peace that he had passed for a higher reason.


The Other World

No question marks or dot dot dots

No feelings unresolved

You looked out for the ones you loved

Respectfully involved

My human mind is still perplexed

It still wants answers why

My eyes are filled with diamond dust

With frozen grief they cry

No enemies or bitterness

No wasted gifts unshared

You lived your life so fruitfully

And faced what made you scared

And if the purpose of our souls

Is living from the heart

Your mission is complete, dear Dad

You’ve more than played your part

I hope the sky is golden pink

I’m still your little girl

I wish for you eternal peace

There in the other world




12 thoughts on “On the write track?

  1. These words are from the heart and to anyone who didn’t know Les As his Sister I endorse every good thing Sammi says He made life richer and more peaceful for everyone he came into contact with. Truly the loveliest person I knew So kind So gentle Never a bad word about anyone and so proud of his children and loved ones I miss him so much as he left a void no one can fill. So read Sam’s poems and understand it helps with her grief for to lose someone so special is the hardest thing to bear


    1. Thanks yes am going to go running in a bit and will write some more. I also have a YouTube channel with some of my poems in case you have time this is the latest video…

      Wishing you a relaxing afternoon,

      Sam 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Sam, thanks for that and I was trying to check the Youtube link you provided, but it showed error, could you please double check for it. I wish to watch the video so much. Cheers. Kah Choon


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