Flying High

Dear friends,

Having created my very own YouTube poetry channel (who would have imagined it!) I have decided to also set up a blog to share some more of the poems which I have been writing on an almost daily basis since losing my Dad. Poems are such a great outlet for me – I feel lighter and brighter when I write my feelings down in this way, so my poems have become a bit like therapy I suppose. Many of the poems have helped me to channel my grief, some have just been fun to write and others are an expression of my hyperactive imagination! I have stopped caring how ‘good’ they are but am instead just happy and grateful to be able to try and capture what I feel in words. Thanks for the positive feedback which you have given me on my poem videos. This really spurs me on to create more! Today I would like to share a poem which I wrote last February, a couple of months after losing Dad. It is probably my favourite poem as it is symbolic of all the good things which I and everybody who knew him would say that he truly deserved.

The Right to be a Bird

To grace the morning with your song

To fly so freely all day long

To perch upon a sturdy tree

And watch the world pass peacefully

To see the beauty from great height

To feel so resonant and light

To watch the river flowing past

Your body free from pain at last

To change your course when you see fit

To fly some more, then rest a bit

To sit on church tops, spirit free

To feel close to divinity

To visit people at your will

To cheap and chirp and call and trill

To have the time for contemplation

Travel lots during migration

To soak up sunbeams on your face

To take the day at your own pace

To make great patterns in the sky

To swoop and soar and flutter by

Your body’s left a life absurd

You’ve earned the right to be a bird






10 thoughts on “Flying High

  1. Very beautiful, moving poem. You have written this poem to inspire your readers… as you have been inspired by your dad! Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you Sam. Keep writing and sharing. Best wishes, Iris 🙂

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  2. As Sam’s Dad,s Sister I have to say that every word written about him is true!I never heard him say a bad word about anyone ; truly one of the very best and taken too soon! She is a chip off the old block .Both caring faithful emotional generous loving people who I am so proud to have as family.

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    1. Thank you. This poem is very dear to me as my Dad was the kindest most genuine man you could hope to meet. I write about him a lot and feel so very grateful to have had such a great person as my Dad. This is the link to one of the videos on my channel. You can click on others if you go into videos. Happy Wednesday and thanks for taking the time…Sam


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